The Savage Brawl

Round Number


Round Start

February 19, 2010

Round End

March 11, 2010

Dead Character(s)

Dr. Anarchy

Afterlife is the first round of The Savage Brawl.


This round is set in the Afterlife as featured in Faceofdoomness' MSPAFA Afterlife. It is a massive underworld cavern dotted with stalagmites and stalactites. The dark river Styx flows through the cavern, seperating it into various different islands throughout the cave. The main island where most of the contestants start is the same island that Hank begins on in Afterlife. The cave into which he descends, and the booby trapped hall which he powerslides through are heavily featured. The cavern is littered with corpses, all belonging to the same man, and many carrying oars.


Everyone fights a lot at the beginning. Diego uses his air magic to eavesdrop and plans a false identity. Hoss rewires Dr Anarchy's death ray, forcing her to become dependant on him. Ziirphael is all relaxed and pleasant until Anarchy starts taking potshots at him. People make alliances and everyone fights. Dr Anarchy flees, Ziirphael pursues. One of Anarchy's shots collides with one of Konka's fireballs and it makes a big firey thing which is gonna explode. Everyone goes inside caves. Ziirphael and Dr Anarchy get their own cave. Hoss is driven temporarily insane by Ekelhaft and he kills some zombies animated by mischief spirits. Diego has a plan; he creates the voice of a god which tells the contestants to free it and they will be freed in turn. Ziirphael tries to swap bodies with a dead Hank and The Cultivator intervenes. Ziirpahel is pissed. Anarchy is pissed with Hoss, so she goes to the other cave, but gets stabbed by him; a fatal wound. She chooses to go out in style using a device called an Absolute Zero Bomb she freezes herself alive, as well as most of the caverns.

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