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The Grand Battle



Alcarith is one of the characters in The Grand Battle.



  • Burgund Shard Pistol - An automatic pistol that shoots red, magical shards. The pistol has unlimited ammunition but can overheat with excessive use.
  • Crimson Channel Claws - Ethereal energy channeled into sharp claws about 8".


Alcarith fights channeling ethereal energy into forms harmful to her opponents. Her ethereal attacks don't take physical forms, allowing her to ignore all forms of armor her targets don. Her ethereal attacks harm the target gradually to the point where targets are oblivious of the damage being taken until they have been exposed to Alcarith's ethereal energies after a short period of time. The more energy she channels, the faster she can hurt an enemy. However, the size of the opponent also matters. The larger the target, the longer it takes for noticeable injury. To allow for immediate infliction of injury, Alcarith uses the Burgund Shard Pistol and the Crimson Channel Claws to transform ethereal energies into physical forms. Alcarith has little knowledge of how to shape ethereal energy into more harmful forms without her tools.


Most of the time, Alcarith takes human form. In her human form, she stands at 6'1", has a slender build, and has dark red hair. She wears a light set of red robes. Her eye color is green. Her dragon form, which takes some effort to transform into due to lack of use, is a (surprise!) scarlet red and she stands at 15' tall and measures 20' long. Her dragon form is bipedal.


The daughter of a dragon lord who keeps to herself and says very little. Her talent in using ethereal energy has drawn attention to those who want her to fully develop her talent. She finds no shame in her ethereal abilities, but doesn't appreciate being forced to further hone her abilities for others' purposes. She wants to develop her powers at her own pace, for her own purposes.

In The Grand BattleEdit


Alcarith was a generally nice dragon-girl who didn't do much dragon stuff. She retained her niceness when she showed up in Battleopolis. She was considerably more spiteful during her appearance in The Subconscious.


Alcarith was killed by a bomb planted on her by Aeon in Free Falling.

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