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Alex Corendal








Pitched Combat



Alex Corendal is a character in Pitched Combat.



his sword (current lvl: 0), a nice hat made from black dragon scale(didn't kill it, bought it from an armor smith who made it with the extras from making some other guy's armor.) and one of them pauldron/cloak combos(think lord ilpalazzo from excel saga but small enough to not be ridicules.)


a very-low-damage but high knockback shock-wave. elemental infusion, Corendal adds an elemental energy to his sword how powerful it is and what it does specifically depends on the lvl it is.


around 6'4" with blue eyes and brown hair, a beard/mustache from simply never shaving. has a slight but powerful build. Corendal is of the non stupid variety of chaotic good. he helps people if he can but wont if he cant, huge ass dragons attacking a town are one of the things he can't do quite yet.


Corendal was originally a farmhand when he was younger, where through shear reflex he used his powers to make his jobs easier. A little earth power to a plow to make it slice through dirt faster, a little wind to make lifting stuff easier, etc. when one day a wizard came to town, wanting to find out more about the raw magic he was using. Corendal was then made the wizards apprentice for only a year, when it turned out that he could only infuse items not cast any actual spells the wizard ditched him at the next town they went to, which was luckily enough a rather large one. he was then a apprentice in the warriors guild where he earned a living waiting on tables until he was old enough to get to full membership and get a sword.

in his travels he has met Elena, the priestess, and maybe-someday-perhaps-if-he-plays-his-cards-right girlfriend. as well as Perdal, a young gold dragon they found when they went to visit the gold dragon in a mountain and found it slain and it's hoard stolen, perdals egg was tucked into a secret with a single gold coin whcuh was made into a necklace for him to wear.

In Pitched CombatEdit


Alex followed the Manikin around like a puppy or something. A puppy with an element sword. Also, he died.


Alex Corendal died a slow death by falling from the leg of a colossus onto spikes and then getting eaten alive by black beetles in Round 4: Colossus Colosseum.

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