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Magician Youkai


The Grand Battle



Amethyst is a character in The Grand Battle.


Race: Magician Youkai (Born a human, has absorbed enough magical energy to be considered inhuman. Therefore unaging and somewhat more pain tolerant than an average human, but still normal strength and speed.)


Apparently unarmed, but actually relies on an armband heavily involved in her powers. See below.


A kind of digital magitech. At her roots she is able to alter "properties" of matter (heat levels, density, electromagnetic charges, etc) However this is far too complicated to do in realtime. Hence she relies on her armband, which contains prewritten magical "scripts," serving as a kind of spell cache. If possible, I'd like to reserve the specific spells as a kind of Schrodinger's Gun, as I like to think of her as being versatile to compensate for a lack of power, and listing off all her spells ruins that versatility. Though I'd like to mention her signature two spells are "Hyper Bolt," a generic laser attack, and "Force Shield," an advanced shield system designed to neutralize attacks without wasting energy, which works by projecting a shield only at the exact point of impact.


Appears as a young teenage girl (13 or 14). Hair is shoulder length, and colored purple. For the sake of this battle she dresses in a long black dress. Her original human form was fairly pretty, however her transformation has left her skin completely white, and her eyes pupilless and black. She's still cute, but in a creepy way.


Born in the fictional city of Embrake, which exists on a dimensional fault line, she was caught in the middle of an interdimensional war. Her hometown was almost completely destroyed by the two factions, leaving her a refugee. In a moment of insanity, she looted the magitech weapon of one of the soldiers, and learned to use it herself. (This was a surprisingly simple matter, as the interface was curiously similar to that of a conventional computer. Though the actual creation of spells was due to her own ingenuity and programming abilities.) She began to engage both sides of the war, and was on the verge of finishing them both off when she was plucked from her world.

In The Grand BattleEdit


Amethyst was fairly emotionless in the beginning, a result of gaining her power, I guess. As the battle continued, she became more passionate and actively sought out the death of the Director, as well as stopping all other Grand Battles (as shown by her message to the Grand Battle II contestants). She may or may not have harbored some feelings towards Eximo.


Amethyst died in an awesome way, trying to kill the Director in the The Library of Lies.

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