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Intense Struggle



Aph is a character in Intense Struggle.


Nymphs are not naturally occurring creatures. They are created via magic rituals. They fall in love with everyone that they meet, but upon leaving that person’s side the love fades almost instantly. They are curious and will, if not currently occupied by being in love with someone wander off somewhere. They are not naturally combatative as they fall in love even with those that would do them harm.


Aph uses a sword.


Being a creation of magic Aph has some minor magical abilities, such as zapping an enemy with a small bolt of lightning and moving small objects with her mind. Basic magic. The kind stuff they teach you on your first day, that kind of stuff. She could probably get better if she studied it. She mainly attacks with her sword. If she goes into a rage that’s when she is at her most deadly.


Aph is the same size as an average human, with light pink skin. She floats slightly off the ground. She has pointed ears and two hook-shaped horn things on her head. The tentacle looking things behind her are her hair (she has more than just four strands; the drawing was just to suggest the general shape and length of it). It floats out behind her.

Aph is like the rest of the nymphs in that she falls in love with everyone she meets, but the sheer amount of love she feels for people is far more than that of any other Nymph. It is almost overwhelming. When the love she feels for someone isn’t returned she becomes angry and eventually psychotic.


She was created by a lonely and rather inept magician. He attempted to alter the ritual so that she would not love others and that her love for him would be permanent. However he made a mess of it and caused her to become almost psychotic over the people she loves. At first everything was fine, but soon Aph started demanding more and more affirmation from the wizard. He was unable to satisfy her that he really loved her as much as she wanted and she held him captive trying to force him to love her more. Eventually unable to be loved as much as she wanted, she killed the wizard in a rage. She ended up living on the streets where she learned to defend herself. One day as she was swooning over the latest love of her life; some guy passing by, she vanished and reappeared somewhere else...

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