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B, though those who are are close call him Ben.








Intense Struggle



B is a character in Intense Struggle.



A blade that changes form with him (See Abilities). In it's natural form, it looks sort of like a straight ice pick.


B has the ability to shapeshift into any beastial creature, be it real or fictional. His outfit is special, as it shapes with him, and his weapon tends to manifest itself somewhere on his new body as well (for example, it might take form as his claws.)


Underneath his jacket is also a tattoo of the letter B, exactly where it is on the jacket.

Personality-wise, he's rather shy. Unless he really trusts somebody, they're likely to only know him as 'B'. His full beastial forms have sort of made him have the occasional animalistic tendency, which he tries to suppress, but he can't always. Despite him being so shy, and occasionally agressive, he's a rather nice guy once you get to know him, and he would never harm his friends.


B was the second of three experiments at a secret laboratory. The first was his 'sister', A, who had the ability to shapeshift into human-animal hybrids, and after him was C, who came from outside the lab and had shapeshifting powers bestowed upon him, with the ability to take both full beastial forms, and partial beastial forms. Also they took C's memory after doing experiments.

The experiment was so that shapeshifting supersoldiers could be produced, and the only reason A and B grew up with any real morals was because of a scientist, Hal, who treated them as his children.

After C was brought in and unwillingly removed from society with the painful experiment and memory erasure, C was enraged. He used his new abilities to kill almost every scientist in the building, whereas A and B both protected Hal. C was thirteen at the time, A was 10, and B was only 7.

It's been five years, and the four had all been secretly living in the laboratory by themselves. Hal had been teaching both A and B proper public etiquette so they could eventually leave the lab and hopefully live real lives, and C spent most of his time searching for his identity.

One day, B went missing. None of the other three in the lab could have possibly known it was to partake in a battle.

In Intense StruggleEdit


In the second round B was responsible for the death of Bae. He felt a lot of guilt for his actions, but eventually reached some kind of resolution when confronted by a version of Bae in Cervaled Fall.


B was killed by a camoed Kracht in the mistaken belief that he was Bae in disguise.

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