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Intense Struggle



Sister Clara Jungfrau is a character in Intense Struggle.



Necropolitan; a sentient being (in this case, human) who voluntarily underwent a ritual to become undead; little difference from a living human except slightly-increased strength, no need to eat or breathe, immunity to poison, things like that.


Clerical magic and a walking stick with a concealed blade; a ceremonial weapon with which she has little skill.


The aforementioned magic, which is admittedly more often used for mundane or helpful purposes than out-and-out combat; she's pretty powerful, but nothing especially notable. She does a mean crochet too.


An older (fiftyish) woman; silver hair tied back in a tight bun under her chaste grey habit; piercing black eyes and a perpetual soft grin; very pale, slightly wrinkled, probably used to be modestly attractive.

Sister Clara is a very kind, thoughtful woman; bright, but not genius, clever and well-read but not a scholar, pleasant but not overbearing. She might be your grandma or just the sweet old lady down the street who gives cookies to the neighborhood kids and wins prizes for her begonias. She naturally likes everyone and it takes a lot to get on her bad side; her bad side, honestly, is more of a lukewarm side than anything. She's not much of a warrior, has only technically been trained as an exorcist, and tries to solve problems rationally. Deep in her heart, though, she's always known that a time for violence would come, and if she believes she's gotten to it... Well, she just doesn't know how she'll react.


Sister Clara worships Schleier, the Grey Veil. Schleier is the Death-God of the Gotsdinest Pantheon; unlike "typical" death-gods, Schleier is a pleasant warden of the afterlife, responsible for safely transporting and sorting souls, and a liked and respected god.

It was prophesied at Clara's birth that she would one day become an instrument of Schleier, and she was given to the Pallid Sisters of Eternal Respite, the order of nuns dedicated to the death-god, to be raised and trained as a member of Schleier's clergy. She was a good and dutiful sister, learning the lore and teachings of her patron god, and rose, eventually, to become the matron of her abbey; it was then that she underwent the undeath ceremony, as is traditional.

She is technically Mother Clara now, but feels Sister Clara is more pleasant and relatable, and tends to forgo titles. She's known for a long time that her future would involve SOME great service to her god, but hasn't thus far had any idea what it would be, and hasn't seen anything particularly unusual happen to her. That is, until one day while giving a reading from The Book of Beginnings and Ends to her congregation, she and the ceremonial tome vanished mid-sentence, only to reappear... Somewhere.

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