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Intense Struggle S2



Dekowin is a character in The Intense Struggle S2.



Volkhanbets are a self evolving artificial race, it could be said that no three volkhanbets are the same. (Actually, they're always born twins, so every one has another exactly like them, but still) Though they usually assume a humanoid form, all kinds of biological features and natural abilities have been known to occur in Volkhanbets.


Natural abilities are all she needs.


Has a pair of retractable claws, made of a biometal roughly consistent with steel. Some degree of conscious control over the acidity of her saliva. Flight via extremely fast fluttering of her wings.


As with all volkhanbets, her body is based on that of a human- in her case a fairly tall human girl. She herself is young, about 14, and her body reflects this. The pigments in her skin have been adjusted, causing her almost look like she's in a black and white photograph. The majority of her body- including her right eye- is covered in an exoskeleton, which she wears in lieu of ordinary clothes.. She also has a pair of six dragonfly wings on her back.

She is a warrior at heart, and one with a short temper, and a low tolerance for weakness. She's particularly enraged at the moment, for reasons detailed below. Biography: Volhkanbet royalty has a peculiar obstacle to overcome, what with every member of the race being born with an identical twin, it becomes difficult to decide exactly who will be the next king or queen. Dekowin, being first born into the royal family, had to compete with her sister Grewin for the throne.

Today was the day that it would be decided who would become the heir to the royal family. Dekowin had trained all her life, becoming a proud warrior. So when it was her sister chosen instead, for her charismatic charm and ability to unite the people, Dekowin descended into rage. She had torn her way through the royal guard, and was fully prepared to rip her sister to shreds when the Monitor interfered, and yanked her across dimensions.

In Intense Struggle S2Edit


She was an ANGRY DRAGONFLY GIRL RRRRRARR. Though she did show some softness to Lillian. In her own way.


As the countdown to the destruction of Training Facility ONX nears the end Marcus and Lloyd take it upon themselves to kill her as a means to move onto a new round. Lloyd is the one who pulls the trigger.

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