Dungeon of the Crimson Fish


Epic Clash

Round Number


Round Start

February 5, 2010

Round End

February 22, 2010

Dead Character(s)

James Raven

The Dungeon of the Crimson Fish is the first round of Epic Clash.


The Dungeon, also known as Bluestone Cave, is based on Awakelemon/Knask's MSPAFA The Deadly Dance of the Scarecrow King. It is the cavern of Bjergfnre, the Hyperspeed Frost Serpent, and the contestants appeared in the cave some time after Vaccumtron defeated the dragon. The spontaneously shifting gravity and mischievous rock genies are still present; but the all-pervading ice and the subsequently inhospitable temperatures have abated with Bjergfnre's absence.


Most of the contestants were amicable to each other in this round, with the exception of a conniving Asteria and some accidental destruction of portions of the cave by Thomas Paxton and Glere, among others. The round was generally the characters getting used to the warped gravity, and trying to rationalise their situation. Michelle picked up a little of Vaccumtron's Amethyst Water, which possesses necromatic properties, and several people were freaked out by the shifting walls and trickery of the living rocks. The latter proved to be James Raven's downfall, after he got lost, unknowingly kicked a vengeful rock genie, and was eliminated with a shower of rocks to the skull.

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