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Ancient Ooze


The Savage Brawl



Ekelhaft is a character in The Savage Brawl.



Only its natural ones


In addition to everything a creature made of living slime can normally do, Ekelhaft is surrounded by an aura that weakens magic and slowly bends and breaks sanity. Short exposure causes slight irrationality, longer causes paranoia and hallucinations, and too long can cause permanent and massive destruction of rational thought and normal functioning.


Ekelhaft is composed of a viscous green ooze, nearly opaque and about the volume of a refrigerator. Anywhere between zero and hundreds of eyes might be visible on the surface at once, and sharp teeth form and disappear at will. It is strongly acidic and full of virulent bacteria, meaning a gentle touch or bite can be painful and dangerous. It smells strongly of decay and mold. It tends to maintain an approximately hemispherical shape when not doing anything in particular, with eyes and teeth appearing and sinking back into its body at, apparently, random; it can form speech organs at will, and its voice is deep, gravelly, and punctuated with bubbles and slurping sounds.

As an avatar of decay, life is anathema to Ekelhart. It seeks, either obviously or subtly, to kill all those around it by its very nature; it is intelligent enough to use others to serve its own ends, but is unlikely to try unless there is some dire need. It isn't needlessly sadistic or prone to gloating, but can be seen as cruel, due to its endless attempts to end the life of everything around it. It's not very communicative, but is oddly knowledgeable about a number of things, likely due to its divine origins.


A nameless, forgotten god, eons ago, was bored. He, she, it, or they created a world, designed to amuse it for centuries. It was created with two avatars; one of creation, life, and order, and one of entropy, death, and decay. The god populated the world with armies and minions and creatures, turning it into one enormous battlefield; the war stalemated seemingly endlessly, the god ensuring that no one side was ever fully able to conquer the other. Inevitably, however, the fickle deity abandoned its project, and the dynamic changed. Ekelhart, Avatar of Destruction was able to destroy its counterpart and eventually all the minions of creation; left with nothing else to kill, it turned on its own forces. Unable to overcome their leader and the embodiment of the concept they stood for, they fell. Then the animals. Then the plants. Eventually, Ekelhart was alone, with nothing left to kill. Over the endless eons, it gradually destroyed itself, going from the colossal, nigh-omnipotent demigod it was to the shadow of itself it is now. Had the Cultivator not found it and taken an interest, it would probably have completely obliterated itself. Eventually, anyway.

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