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Emily Trenwye








The Grand Battle



Emily Trenwye is a character in The Grand Battle.



A kite-shield of white metal with the picture of a keyhole on it. It is very large and when placed in front of her it shields her entire body from the front.


She is a grand powerful healer. She also has the power to create barriers and weaken and strengthen people. Although she prefers not to fight and usually only heals, she has practiced a style of fighting with her large shield. Unfortunately she lacks many offensive powers. Her only offensive magic involves draining a victims health.


She is aa fairly old woman with fairly short blonde hair and pale skin. She wears a long grey robe with a light blue rings on the shoulders and a black neckline. She also wears a pair of light blue greaves.


She is the grand master of a sacred order dedicated to guarding the gate to demon world. She guards the gate (her shield) while her high priestess holds the key. She is actually one of the two founders of the sacred order and she trained her high priestess personally. She is very knowledgeable about demons, monsters, and general magic. However she is also extremely predjudiced and believes demons are nothing but monsters.

In The Grand BattleEdit


Emily generally tried to be helpful and nice and stuff and distrusted anything demonic. She distrusted Eximo completely but soon accepted his existence. She recognized that Lutherion could still be healed and actively tried to help him and was killed for it. A subconscious representation of her gave Eximo a soul.


Emily tried to restore Lutherion's sanity but is critically wounded by the Behemoth. She dies right after pouring the rest of her power into Aeon's adaptive tool in Killville.

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