Grand Battle


Epic Clash


Baphomet, MyifanW

Date Started

February 3, 2010

Current Round


Epic Clash is the seventh of the eight Grand Battles, created by Baphomet and co-hosted by MyifanW.

The battle was originally located here.


Player CharactersEdit


Group shot of the contestants of Epic Clash by MyifanW

Character Player
Glere McBatman
Mr. Nothing Odinod
James Raven Lighing
Thomas Packston Pinary
Michelle Davis Alice
Emilio Nahaz Babel
Special Agent Coy Spender suomynonAyletamitlU
Asteira Wojjan

Supporting CharactersEdit

The Overseer is the organizer of Epic Clash. He maintains a frat-boy facade.

The Chronicler is assisting the Overseer and recording the events that occur. This record takes the form of images The Chronicler's representative MSPA user, MyifanW, draws to accompany the battle.


Round 1: Dungeon of the Crimson FishEdit

Dead Character: James Raven

The competitors find themselves in the lair of the Ice Dragon, taken from the MSPAFA The Deadly Dance of the Scarecrow King, scattered among the many tunnels. Rather than immediately starting to fight, they begin forming loose alliances; Thomas and Spender meet up, as do Mr. Nothing and Michelle. The round ends when James Raven antagonizes the stone genies that occupy the cavern, who kill him.

Round 2: The Wax ColosseumEdit

Dead Characters: Emilio Nahaz, Mr. Nothing

After a brief intermission criticizing the competitors' performances in the previous round, the Overseer places them in a colosseum, where they must play a variant of the childhood classic Tag, in which whoever is 'it' at the end of the round remains behind as a wax statue. The round ends when Mr. Nothing attempted to escape by using Emilio's death to create a rift. He is squicked by the Overseer for his attempt.

Round 3: The Ascended CityEdit

Dead Character: Michelle Davis

The characters find themselves in city of flying buildings interconnected by walkways. The contestants destroy everything in an attempt to unravel whatever created the setting in the first place. Michelle is possessed by Asteira and falls off a bridge to her death.

Round 4: The Unholy FortressEdit

Dead Characters: Asteira, Coy Spender

The characters are locked underground in a fortress whose inhabitants and constructors have been driven to madness by a dark god under the foundation. After some shenanigans with the colonists, everyone winds up under the ground, where the god possesses Thomas and attempts to summon himself. Asteira and Spender bring themselves into Thomas's mind-space, where Spender detonates an explosive spellcoin, killing himself, the demon, and Asteira.

Round 5: Mnemonocyst BearersEdit

Winner: Thomas Packston

Before the round starts, there is an intermission where The Overseer and Chronicler learn that their previous selection for the final round has been destroyed. There is then a cutaway to another battle, introducing two other characters also ending their penultimate round. The Overseer hijacks their final round, which takes place on two gigantic psychic monsters covered in cysts which will grow into entities from the contestants' minds. The two characters from the other battle also participate at the same time.

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