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Eximo Pulvis is a character in The Grand Battle.





Powered by dark magic (and resistant to it because of this), able to interface with advanced technology, ability to suck in and blow out air, very efficient cleaning techniques.


A bizarre hybrid of an undead monstrosity and a vacuum cleaner.


Long ago, a powerful wizard named Konka Rar was slain. He arose as a lich, and was slain again. Thousands of years later, he was returned to life and infused with cybernetic parts. Fascinated by the fusion of high technology and necromancy, Konka Rar began experimenting to create new minions by combining both disciplines.

One of his early experiments was the Undead Vacuum Cleaner. He considered it to be something of an embarrassment after the fact, but it was still useful for cleaning the evil lair, so he kept it in storage. On a whim, he gave it the name Eximo Pulvis. (Latin for "remove dust")

Why somebody decided to take this barely-intelligent monstrosity and enter it in a tournament is unknown at this time.

In The Grand BattleEdit


Being a vacuum cleaner at heart, Eximo spent most of the beginning of the battle attempting to clean the area, ignoring the other contestants entirely unless they interfered with the cleansing. He displayed a very robotic attitude in the first few rounds and the others treated him as a mindless robot in turn. Somewhere along the line, he started displaying at least some intelligence and a possible affection for Amethyst, who in return, was a little surprised to find she was starting to think of him as an actual 'him' rather than an 'it.' A robotic attitude was constantly present, but he started exploiting loopholes to avoid hurting his fellow contestants. Whenever a version of his master, Konka Rar was around, he tended to follow orders more closely until finally, in the final round, he was able to throw off his fear of Konka and team up with Aeon.


Eximo Pulvis won not by killing anybody, but because the Director just killed Aeon instead of him.

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