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The Grand Battle II



Gestalt is a character in The Grand Battle II.



Nobody's quite sure what causes schrotgolems to form; mages can't seem to make them intentionally, nor can they stop them from coming into being. A schrotgolem appears to be a low-level spirit of sorts that inhabits a number of different small objects at once; one might be a candlestick, a pair of shoes, a doll, and a box of tissues one moment, and a completely different collection of scrap the next.


Whatever makes up Gestalt's body can be a weapon


Gestalt is unusual in that he is more self-aware than the average schrotgolem and can inhabit many more objects at once than most.


It would be pointless to describe Gestalt physically. Its personality is best described as cautious; it likes to be sure about what's going on around it and who it can trust before revealing itself. It tends towards stealth and discretion, which is easy for something that is a collection of disconnected objects.


Gestalt appeared a few years ago in a large city, near a magical school, as is typical for its kind. Since schrotgolems don't have 'needs' in the conventional sense, most tend to just wander, watching. Some eventually get bored and become erratic; some kill indiscriminately to fill the time, others spend years creating and destroying bizarre art, others still just stop doing anything at all. Gestalt followed the typical patterns for the first couple years, wandering the world and seeing things, but never progressed to the erratic stage; it is more paranoid than others, though, and tends to see things as threats that most wouldn't, and it has no compunctions about eliminating things it sees as threatening.

In The Grand Battle IIEdit


Towards the end of the battle Gestalt became resolutely opposed to the concept of Grand Battles, spurred by the deaths of its friends and allies. It did things that were not pleasant and not easy in the hopes that nobody else would have to do them.


Its energy and mind was slowly sapped away as it tried to deal with the existence of countless conflicting realities caused by the Diarist's book. In the end it opened a way for Vyrm'n to escape from the battle, at least temporarily.

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