This character is dead. This character is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet its maker! This is a late character! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! It's shuffled off this mortal coil! This.... is an EX-CHARACTER!
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Symbiotic Human (type: hat)


Pitched Combat



Hatman is a character in Pitched Combat.



A variety of hat-based weaponry, as well as a gentlemanly tuxedo and a top hat!


He has the ability of hammerspace, but only to get small non-hat based weapons.


Hatman is a lanky british man sporting a top hat, he has a buttoned shiny black tuxedo with a tie coiled around his neck. He wears frayed long black slacks with a fancy leather belt keeping it up. He has fashionable black tapdancing shoes laced carefully and precisely with fine silk. He has slicked back brown hair and eyes with a spirographic green iris. He has a watch, and he usually smokes a pipe.

Hatman has a great gentlemanly personality, often speaking out such things as, 'Old chap!'. He freaks out when he sees something uncleanly such as spilled tea. He enjoys scones and long walks on the beach. He rather hates rain and cats. His hobbies include chess and resting. He has a verbal tic, 'mate.'


His full name is Timothy 'Hatman' Callman. When he was just a baby, he was adopted by a rich family, and was taught literature at the age of 4. His older brother, Jonathon had taught him sword-fighting at the age of 9. All was peaceful.

However, the idyll in that was shattered when both families, the one who adopted him and the one gave birth to him fought. At the age of 16, he ran away and became Hatman, a crimefighter. After that, is a mystery.

In Pitched CombatEdit


I dunno who cares.


Hatman died by the hands of some sort of demonic knife in Round 1: Forêt Noire.

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