Grand Battle


Intense Struggle S2


Dragon Fogel

Date Started

July 12, 2010

Current Round


Intense Struggle Season 2 is the thirteenth Grand Battle, created by Dragon Fogel, and the fifth in Grand Battles Season 2.

The battle was originally located here.


Player CharactersEdit

Character Player
Lloyd Conrad Pinary
Marcus White GreyGabe
Lillian Finch bobthepen
Karen Drakenforge
Dekowin Draykon
Sarika MalkyTop
CH4-12-L13 WoodlandBeef
Reudic Otsaceae gloomyMoron

Supporting CharactersEdit

The Monitor - The Grandmaster of this battle. The Monitor is cold and analytical, his battles are purely a source of data.


Round 1: Training Facility ONXEdit

Dead Character: Dekowin

This round is based on the MSPAFA #XF3974 by Anomaly. It is a facility where artifical life forms who are able to control their own evolution are created. These life forms are already roaming the halls when the competitors arrive.

Round 2: Infinity ExpressEdit

Dead Character: CH4-12-L13

A magical interdimensional train wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The passengers are all frozen and ghost-y or something. I don't understand the science behind it.

Round 3: Castle SuterreaEdit

Dead Character: Lillian Finch

A castle long since abandoned, now populated by monsters. The hallways of the castle are strewn with treasure and traps.

Round 4: Deathball ChampionshipEdit


This round takes place in a city where Deathball is the most popular sport. It is dangerous and the teams go through players very quickly. People are generally forced to play against their will. The battlers will most likely be kidnapped and forced to play before too long.

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