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John Swift








The Battle Majestic



John Swift is a character in The Battle Majestic.



Humanoids are a magical species, who, as their name implies, are much like humans. They do, however, lack organic fingers and toes. Using their magic, they can levitate the things they would normally pick up. They are forever at war with robots called the Mechalo.


Obscurite, the staff on his back attached by a strap, enhances all magic that is put into it. It's like a guitar amp for magic. He also has two water pistols filled with metal-eating acid.


Weak Telekinesis(Cannot pick up things larger than a car.) and powerful Ice magic.


John will often jump into a battle without thinking about anything, and is usually hurt from doing so. Overly cocky about his abilities, he loves to show off, and is very rude to other people.


John is a soldier in the Endless War. He has absolutely no friends, and his parents were murdered while trying to stop soldiers from recruiting him. He refers to himself as a "Lone Wolf", but often gets in to deep and calls in for backup.

In The Battle MajesticEdit


John talked about obvious stuff a lot. Also, he hated fire. He killed Alex Striensand in Bubble Universe.


John died in the volcano of Firestar when it erupted.

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