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Jordan Smith








Pitched Combat



Jordan Smith is a character in Pitched Combat.



A good luck charm, an inhaler, a spare pair of glasses, and a pepper spray.


Jordan has the power of pyrokinesis. He can warm people up and make them spontaneously combust.


Physical: He's pale, tall, young, and lanky. He also happens to be weak and can run quickly but not far. Jordan has short, messy black hair, hazel colored eyes, and small brown pair of glasses.

Personality: Jordan is quite strange, but nice once you get to know him; however, he'll abandon you without a second thought if you get him into any danger. He tries to avoid fights at all costs, and would rather find a safe hiding spot than talk or, once again, fight. He trusts his gut feelings more than his friends. He'll only help people only if it benefits him in some way and will do anything to help himself. To sum it all up, he's a disloyal coward, not a hero.


Ever since Jordan was little, he didn't have any friends. He would spend most of his time playing video games, or swinging with his imaginary friends. Most children bullied him because of his poor physique, and he would usually come home crying from school. Jordan didn't go outside unless he needed to once he grew out of his imaginary friends, and he was usually all alone in the house because both of his parents worked. Even if one of them came home early, they would be too tired to do anything. He fit in with a small group of people during his teenage years, but he wouldn't really refer to him as friends, and neither would they. They just knew each other, and that was about it. He was still teased and pushed around until he accidentally lit one of the bullies on fire with his mind. His victim died instantly, and no one came near again. Jordan doesn't like to talk about this subject and rarely will. He grew up in a lonely life and learned not to depend on people so much. Even as an adult, he doesn't socialize with people outside of his work and doesn't spend a lot of time outside.

In Pitched CombatEdit


Jordan ran around a lot being a coward. In the final round he continued to do so despite having accepted that his death was inevitable. He sought a way to make his life have some meaning but ultimately failed. The Organizer got so sick of him just running away that he pulled an alternate version of Jordan from a timeline that could never happen. This Jordan was more macho and confident.


Jordan died by way of the Timeless Interstice, taking Jordan B with him.

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