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Konka Rar is a character in The Savage Brawl.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Skeleton in a black cloak with a mechanical arm, a cybernetic eye, and various patches of metal all over his body.

Personality overviewEdit

First off, he's evil. However, he's not "backstab-you-for-the-sake-of-backstabbing-you" evil; if you manage to form an alliance with him, he'll generally uphold it unless you outright betray him. He also has an intense curiosity about both magic and technology, having expertise in both and a desire to learn more.


Very advanced offensive magic, necromancy, somewhat advanced knowledge of technology (it's newer to him, but he's picked up a lot fast). He also knows how to install cybernetic parts in any undead minions he has the opportunity to create.


Cybernetic arm and other implants, a magic staff with a ram's head on it.


Ages ago, he was one of the most talented wizards in his world. He was also incredibly ambitious, seeking to rule the world. To this end, after usurping control of the kingdom he lived in, he summoned an army of demons and used them to invade neighboring lands. Eventually, however, he was defeated, and killed.

But, his knowledge of magic allowed him to become a lich upon his death - a form of necromancy unknown in his world until that time. He was nevertheless defeated in this form, and though he remained "alive", his body was severely damaged beyond his ability to regenerate it. He lay dormant for thousands of years.

Until his descendant, the mage Sorsa Rar, found his remains.

As the end result of a process that would be a story in itself, Sorsa Rar managed to reconstruct his ancestor's body with cybernetics. Konka Rar had become a cyborg lich, and was fascinated by the technology that had brought him to life once more.

He immediately began experimenting with cybernetic undead (Eximo Pulvis being an early result), and slowly built an army of them.

He has been biding his time in his castle, waiting for the right moment to send out his army, seeking to rule the world once more.

Until one day, when he was suddenly pulled into a contest...

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