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Larus Mutabilis








Intense Struggle



Larus Mutabilis is a character in Intense Struggle.



His body, as described below.


Larus has the ability to alter the density and consistency of his body. He can turn into a mist which is immune to most attacks, allowing him to dodge or outmaneuver a foe. He can also harden part or all of his body, both to absorb blows or to strengthen his own. These abilities, however, can only be used for a limited duration, especially full-body changes such as mist form.


While his abilities also include the capacity to change his body's color, Larus long ago gave up attempting to do so, and is now almost always a slate gray color across his entire body: skin, hair, eyes, nails, etc. He is otherwise a fit, nondescript human male, around six feet tall, gray hair medium length and unkempt.


Larus Mutabilis, original name unknown, was an ordinary human male when a global MacGuffin on his world resulted in a certain percentage of the population gaining super powers. He originally chose to keep his new talents secret, occasionally using them to right injustices while making a comfortable living through shady means. Eventually, however, he turned his energies to a campaign of vengeance, following a series of personal tragedies and insults, some of them imagined. He was eventually captured by the authorities after a few high-profile attacks, and his abilities were exposed, but he escaped and fled to the wilds, where he took up with a band of outlaws. He then fell in to an amoral lifestyle, maintaining a high position with the bandits more through his abilities than his ambition, and gained a reputation as a quiet man, but prone to bouts of explosive anger. He refined his fighting abilities, taking on jobs with his companions whenever it suited him, and soon became the deadliest member of the dangerous bunch. His ambitions, however, were too limited to motivate him to higher things.

In Intense StruggleEdit


"Feed me Seeyyyymore, Feed me all. Night. Long."


Larus was consumed by a vast and hungry succulent in The Wasteland.

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