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Maxwell Deakin








The Grand Battle II



Maxwell Deakin is a character in The Grand Battle II.



He's a dab hand with a rapier, which he always carries, but if he can get his hands on one he has more than reasonable prowess with a gun as well.


A sound thinker with a brain geared for analysis, he can put his grey cells to his advantage in what ever life throws at him, not to mention a calm mind in battle.


A little too tall and thin to be comfortable, with short, well kept, auburn hair nearly always hidden under a hat of any kind available, and some slight stubble. He's almost always in a greatcoat, but one never quite can fathom whether he hides behind it for his safety or theirs. Personality wise, to put things bluntly, he's an introvert that's gone a little too far round the bend. With a tendency to be cold and over-logical, he habitually overthinks things, yet doesn't get all angry when wrong - such actions haven't done anything good to him over the years. He's usually fairly silent, though he mutters to himself occasionally and has been known to finish other people's lines of thought for them. That doesn't mean he can't communicate, though, and he can be rather difficult to shut up if he finds he's expressing himself better verbally.


Hailed as a gifted child from a remarkably early age, the pressure put on Maxwell to succeed made him shun society as a whole and forced him to move to live with a sympathetic uncle in the countryside, where he picked up fencing and shooting not just to pass the time, but also to express his emotions. He earns his living by doing to odd mental task around the village, but is generally left alone and lives a fairly secluded life. Though he wouldn't admit to it, the uncle in question knows there's a gap of about six months between Maxwell leaving home and him arriving on his doorstep, thirty miles away. He's never brought up the courage to ask about it, but, well, sometimes...

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