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The Grand Battle



Nathan Finley is a character in The Grand Battle.



Nathan has armed himself with a kitchen knife, it's kind of dull. It also has the soul of a millennium-old demonic lord trapped inside.


Nathan has no abilities by himself, but the knife has the powers of one compressed Demon Lord, as one would assume.


Nathan is average looking, not short nor tall, fat or skinny, black hair, brown eyes, striped blue shirt and jeans. The knife is on his person at all times, usually in some sort of sheath or something.


Nathan is average, just a regular high-school student. His father, in his younger days, was a demon-hunter. He would hunt down ancient horrors and seal them into whatever weapon he had on his person and give sell them to whomever was buying, usually those who were looking to slay a tyrannical force of great power or something. Anyways, his father retired after sealing quite the powerful demon lord into a nearby kitchen knife, and decided to keep it for himself. After dying of liver failure, bit of an anti-climax, he entrusted the knife and other keepsakes and whatnot to Nathaniel, as well as some instructions telling him what to do with the knife, main rule being that he never use it. However, considering this whole tournament he's being entered in, it seems he's going to need to use it lest he die a terrible, horrifying, gruesome death.

In The Grand BattleEdit


Nathan was at first rather meek and weak and had a bit of a self-image issue due to not being much of a fighter. When Aeon gave him a pep talk, for some reason, it convinced him that making a deal with the demon in his knife was a good idea. Then he went crazy insane and replaced Lutherion as the general antagonist for a bit.


Nathan (and the demon possessing him) died in Battleopolis.

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