Music Spirit


The Fatal Conflict



Simphonia is a character in The Fatal Conflict.



Simphonia is quite peaceful and doesn't really carry around weapons, if she can carry much around at all. Her own body, however, can be used to attack.


Simphonia can phase through walls if she needs to, form simple shapes in the air, fly, use herself as sharp projectile weapons, typical music ghost stuff. She can travel through paper and the music she hums does have an affect on emotions around her (a small one at least), but they tend to be the opposite of what you'd expect. Tranquil tunes breed anxiety and cheerful tunes beget irritation. Unfortunately, Simphonia is usually calm and happy.


Simphonia doesn't exactly have one shape. She looks like she's made up of living music, mostly, sometimes a big black cloud made up of indiscernible notes, sometimes a loose shape of a woman, sometimes some other form or something I dunno. Colors often go along with the tune she hums as well as taste (not many people are willing to taste her though) so one could see clearly (or taste) if she goes out of tune. She usually appears soft and gentle, but when angered, she becomes rather sharp. (Hence the throwing herself around to cut people thing.) She seems rather dreamy and is constantly going around humming some sort of tune whether it is a solo or a whole orchestra piece or a quartet. Her hum, though always there, isn't really intrusive. It only really gets loud when she gets upset or furious or some other strong, negative emotion. As could probably be inferred, Simphonia's tune changes with her emotions. It can be hard to tell whether she can understand speech or not, but it seems like she listens at least some of the time. She likes making friends and feeling helpful and can be surprisingly sensitive. She doesn't seem to remember ever being anything else besides a music ghost and doesn't seem rather concerned about it either way. In life, she may have had synesthesia.


Simphonia was a musician when she died, but judging by her simple grave, she was not well-known and possibly not all that good either. Thus, her real name is unknown. She started to haunt a nearby forest after death and stayed there for a few years, just wandering around aimlessly. There wasn't really much for her to do, being a nameless ghost with an unknown past. Some sightings had gotten her into tabloids and at one point there were some forums that speculated about her, but nothing major. She was often left alone, as her chipper songs tended to give everybody around her a nagging feeling, and continued to sing and hum even after she was whisked away.

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