Grand Battle


The Battle Majestic



Date Started

January 10, 2010

Current Round


The Battle Majestic is the sixth of the eight Grand Battles, created by Sruixan. Since Sruixan's disappearance this battle has been taken over by SleepingOrange.

The battle was originally located here.


Player CharactersEdit


Group shot of the contestants of The Battle Majestic by Baphomet

Character Player
Wolf/Iris Drakenforge
Vexmagog Baphomet
Sen Schazer
Steven Taylor Weldar
Jacob Helix Not The Author
Alexander Striensand Kaitostrike
Blitz Wykerr redskap
John Swift Korbz
Eryntse Pharmacy

Supporting CharactersEdit

The Executive - the indolent Grandmaster of the Battle Majestic, coerced into hosting by his minion Talis. His existence is not known to the contestants.

Talis - the Executive's right-hand man; he sports a monocle, a cape with a bottom reminiscent sprawling roots, and a general aura of malignance. The Battle was originally his idea, though he made it seem like the Executives'.

Sruix - Referred to only as 'S' in front of the contestants, he is Talis' co-host. Described as a "pacifist to the core" by Talis, Sruix does most the talking. His appearance is that of a man with copious amounts of long, blonde hair that obscure most of his features, along with a aubergine suit.

The Executrix - Assistant to the The Organizer, she takes control of the battle after The Executive's death.


Round 1: Bubble UniverseEdit

Dead Character: Alexander Striensand

The round takes place in an evacuated spherical space colony. Sen's World tree destroys it while the others look for a way to escape. Alex is killed by an injured John right at the edge of the hatch to the escape pods.

Round 2: FirestarEdit

Dead Character: John Swift

The round takes place on a volcanic island populated by superstitious natives. Vexmagog tricks the natives into liking everyone except Sen. John, Jacob, and Vexmagog all upset the local goddess, who erupts the volcano with John inside.

Round 3: Oxbow Inc.Edit

Dead Character: Wolf/Iris

This round takes place in an underwater research facility with a glass dome top. At the beginning of the round Vex is reprimanded for his near escape in the previous round, thanks to which he finds himself free of Magog for the moment. Also during the transition Wolf transforms into a shaman called Iris. In the battle Blitz lets his father take over, Steven thinks his gloves might hold the key to escaping, Iris stalks Sen attempting to get hold of one of his seeds. Ultimately they nearly escape but Iris is crushed by a helicopter.

Round 4: Magpie SkiesEdit


This is an EFTA Round set in XX's Magpies. There are castles and buildings in the sky and stuff. Before the round can begin Sruix and Talis are confronted by Mrs Dorcy who tells them she is now taking over the battle on behalf of The Organizer. In order to pacify Magog, Mrs Dorcy has Vex removed to a plane of perfect order. Mrs Dorcy introduces herself to the remaining battlers as The Executrix. She informs them that Sruix and Talis are to be joining them for the rest of the battle, also Eryntse, a replacement for Vex is introduced.

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