The Hoodoo


Battle Royale

Round Number


Round Start

October 31, 2009

Round End

November 16, 2009

Dead Character(s)


The Hoodoo is the second round in Battle Royale.


It's a hoodoo, whatever that is, which saps magic powers. There is also a death fog beneath that keeps rising up threateningly slowly.


Grimm was stuck at the bottom for a while, apparently unable to move, until someone helped him, possibly Whit. Gadget and Cobra stuck together for a bit, Whit a little agitated with the whole situation. Gadget passed out at one point, which was probably the cause for agitation. Zeke and Itzal fought for a bit as they climbed. Itzal was severely weakened by the hoodoo and had a disadvantage. S/he fashioned a dagger out of a shard of hoodoo despite the obvious risk. Zeke reached the top of the mountain first and the mist rose faster. Grimm took off his mask and became this huge enveloping shadow thing and then Mike shot him between the eyes. Grimm said that he hoped Mike would die an ironic death before he died.

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