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Trickster is a character in Intense Struggle.


Race: Human in appearance, but demonic spirits stir within him.


His signature 'weapons,' if you would call them that, are his gloves (not shown in the description) that allow him to amplify his fire magicks to extreme levels (e.g. making a giant flamethrower from his arm). He can do large spells without them, but they will overall lower his health.


Trickster is gifted in the fire-augmented magicks, but aside from that he cannot do much else. He is quite fast and can levitate up to about ten feet, and a little more if he uses fire like rocket-boots. Overall, he has low defense and health, but in battle his other abilities usually make up for it.


Trickster wears a grey-green jacket and black fingerless gloves most all of the time, and baggy orange pants as well. He has a bit of a mixbreed of a fedora and a tophat that he barely ever removes. He has a view on the world similar to most other human males at his age, a careless one with little care for the feelings and overall views of other people. He has a low tolerance and a high temper. He is not very secretive about his ablities and is quite adamant with them, in fact.


Born of the very fire and flame that he can control, Trickster was thrust straight from birth into a world that was essentially trying to kill him, as the demonic spirits that birthed him did not want any sort of human in their ring cast him out unto the Earth. He was raised by an elderly family, but he was soon orphaned again by old age. At this time he was of about 13 years, and had a good grasp on reality. He soon found his powers when he discovered the dreadful, street-life secrets behind the big cities that enveloped them. He first discovered them when he was attacked, and mugged, and soon feeling as an outcast of society removed himself to the forested outskirts of the city where he stayed for years upon years before once again revealing himself to society. He was overtaken by a band of mysterious, sentient machines and brought to the Monitor.

In Intense StruggleEdit


What even happened here? I dunno. There was another evil personality or something tucked away and suddenly unleashed. And maybe something about women.


Trickster was assassinated by Bae as per The Monitor's orders in The Abandoned Base.

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