Value City Mall


The Grand Battle II

Round Number


Round Start

April 20, 2010

Round End

July 16, 2010

Dead Character(s)

Galus Lee Matthews

Value City Mall is the fifth round of The Grand Battle II.


This round takes place in a shopping mall that connects to the Observer Theatre which the contestants were just in. There are a lot of zombies, many of which are contestants from other Grand Battles, but as zombies.


Maxwell goes insane. Vyrm'n runs around getting attacked by Glere and Eemp, Right and Rong. Gestalt gets attacked by Lainey/Lissa and Gormand and a whole hoard of zombies. Maxwell annoys Galus and they both meet up with Clara and Konka Rar. Maxwell goes off somewhere and Clara follows. Konka shows disdain towards almost everyone. When he and Galus are surrounded by a bunch of zombies, Galus already having snapped or something, he abandons Galus to his fate.


Here is a list of the cameoed characters in order of appearance:

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