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Xeno Photon








Battle Royale



Xeno Photon is a character in Battle Royale.



The soul saber, A weapon of pure spiritual energy. When this blade meets with one of pure neutrality, it sucks the soul straight out of their bodies. however, the more pure or corrupt the soul is, the more hits it will take. does little to no damage physically, can only be wielded by someone who is purely neutral.


one of the few who can wield the soul saber, Also wears a cursed mask of mysterious power. Relatively well built.


A hard-bitten no-nonsense kind of guy, wears only leather pants and a denim jacket. His face is obscured by the mask, underneath he hides a scar that runs down the left side of his face, he is extremely attractive, in that rugged sort of way. His hair is a dark, burnt orange color, with a white streak and kinda spiked. He is noble, and peaceable. Honor dictates his every move, will not attack a defenseless target, But is incredibly smart in the battle field. Nearly obsessive over neutrality, Has a connection to professor Paradox.


originally from feudal japan, Xeno was a samurai of legends, he was tasked with finding the soul saber for his Daimyo. When he handed the weapon to the Daimyo, he crumbled to dust. Xeno picked up the weapon to find that he, and only he could wield the legendary blade, thus he was declared the new Daimyo. A few years later, he heard word of the mask of the legendary Kitsune God, a relic of immense power. Xeno knew if it fell into the hands of anyone else, they would use its power to their own ends. After ten years of searching, he finally found the mask in an ancient abandoned temple. When he put on the mask, he found out that upon removing it, a horrible power was triggered, He turned around to find that his would-be successor laughing at him, The whole quest was a ruse so that Shinmyo would rise to the position of Daimyo. Shinmyo then caused Xeno to fall into a deep death-like sleep for over a thousand years. Xeno awoke to a Futuristic space society, where Earthlings had populated many different planets. Xeno quickly adjusted to the new rules of society, and became the high-ranking general of space station 23 1/3. He still secretly wishes to return to feudal japan, and is still seeking for a way to remove the mask, he was promised both if he joined the fight.

In Battle RoyaleEdit


What the hell did this guy even do. There was something about demons and masks or something whatever. Also he destroyed a building.


Xeno was shot in the face by Mike in Round 1: 1984

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