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Human/Ancient God of Death


The Savage Brawl



Ziirphael is a character in The Savage Brawl.


Physical descriptionEdit

A very tall man wearing a black suit and red tie. He is bald and his face completely featureless. His hands and suit are perpetually covered with blood. When not in a body he appears like a floating black spark.

Personality overviewEdit

Surprisingly quiet and contemplatative. He does not like to fight any more. He is reasonably amiable nowadays. If he does end up actually fighting someone he will do so in more of a resigned way. He is not bloodthirsty and he does not enjoy the fight.


Ziirphael has the ability to enhance his physical form by daubing himself in blood in the shape of runes. These runes almost always alter him physically, for example making him larger, tougher, or transforming him in some way. Such as turning his arm into a blade made of bone, or even a gatling gun analogue.


A suitcase with legal documents.


Ziirphael is an ancient being from back before the light existed. Formed in the darkness he is pain, death and misery. Since the world was made he has walked the planet many times, taking the body of a man and destroying everything he comes across in a relentless orgy of blood and horror. He has murdered and maimed and eaten the souls of the dead so many times over the years. Occasionally when feeling ambitious he would burn whole cities to the ground or lead whole civilisations to war and ruination. He has done this for hundreds of years. As long as there has been people to kill he has killed, slaughtered innocents hopping from one body to another never being punished for his crimes. But as the years went by he changed. Where he found a giddy pleasure in ripping someone limb from limb he began to find only a grim satisfaction. Eventually even this feeling wore away and he found he was only continuing his campaign of blood out of habit. He was no longer deriving pleasure from the suffering of others. He tried to change. He took a new body and decided to try and live a different kind of life. It was during this pursuit of a normal life that he was snatched up and deposited into the Savage Brawl.

In The Savage BrawlEdit


Whined for four solid rounds


Drowned in coffee

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